SATbill provides a wealth of benefits to our customers all over the world. And, it’s not just about the software; we drive value by streamlining their billing processes, supporting them during their billing cycles and providing them with regular SATbill updates to help them remain competitive.




SATbill is a comprehensive airtime billing system that comes with a rich set of features that enables our customers to streamline their billing processes. We are continually improving it with enhancements, integrations and new features that enable our customers to maximise their profits in a competitive market.




SATbill handles a wide spectrum of satellite services from most of the world’s satellite communications providers using a multitude of CDR formats. It integrates all the services from multiple providers in to a single invoice for each customer. New capabilities are added to SATbill as new call types are introduced.


A world-class convergent billing solution

SATbill is a convergent satellite airtime billing solution that is used by Satcom Service Providers all over the world.  With SATbill, you can combine all the different service charges from all of your providers onto a single invoice for each of your customers. You can also integrate SATbill with your other back office systems providing you with both efficiency and productivity benefits. Margin controls within the system enable you to optimise your margins for maximum profit.

SATbill can be customised and configured to your specific requirements. It can also be extended as your business grows and your requirements change.

SATbill can be used to run the billing for one or more business entities within your organisation. If you have multiple entities, you can run the billing process centrally for all entities using different logos, addresses, tax codes and bank details.

SATbill runs on a powerful client-server database with concurrent multi-user licensing that can be deployed either on-premise or on a cloud platform. It can load and mediate CDR files in 60 different formats from over 40 different providers and it can process up to 2,000,000 CDRs per day.

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