What’s The Value Of A Quality Satellite Airtime Billing System?


What's The Value Of A Quality Satellite Billing System

A satellite billing system is more than simply a means to an end. A good system will help you bill your customers quicker, improving your cash flow by enabling you to receive payments before the satellite provider takes their payment. By streamlining your billing system you’ll benefit from a quicker turnaround, less admin, and fewer human errors – reducing the risk of financial losses from underpayments, or delays caused by issuing refunds.


Why Use A Dedicated Billing System?

Most suppliers start by managing their customer billing through spreadsheets or a proprietary system not specifically designed for the satellite telecommunications business. This can be effective, but becomes more problematic and time-consuming as the business grows and develops in complexity.

Processing a complex billing requirement can, therefore, take time when not using a dedicated system. This can lead to more staff resources bound up in admin, as well as delays in issuing customer invoices. In turn, this may lead to cash flow difficulties if your payments to your satellite providers become due before your customer payments are received. Also, a complex manual system brings an increased risk of human error – which can damage your professional reputation and lead to the inconvenience of issuing discounts or refunds when billing is wrong.

The Advantages Of A Dedicated Billing System

In contrast to the inherent risk of processing satellite billing manually, implementing a dedicated billing system can help you achieve optimal margins, better overall visibility, and increased profits. With a reduction in billing errors comes greater confidence in your service and the capacity to expand your offering to embrace new services, satellite operators, and products.

  • Combine CDRs from all providers, services, charges, call plans, and subscriptions into a single, convenient invoice, with a billing algorithm calculating the cost of every call and non-call based service used by the customer.
  • Automate the billing cycle by uploading CDRs into your billing system, scanning it for CDR mediation errors, and also generating an invoice document in PDF, Word, or Excel format.
  • Automatically accommodate credit limits and credit warnings for monthly billing customers
  • Access your billing system through the cloud on any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world
  • Automatically respond to software update requirements introduced by satellite operators.

Find Out More

It’s hard to put a price on a quality satellite billing system for satellite Internet providers. The savings in reduced admin, faster billing, and greater transparency quickly add up and result in an impressive return on investment. To discuss your requirements or to find out more about SATbill – our intuitive and effective satellite billing system – please give one of our advisers a call today.

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