SATbill update 19.02.2018

The latest version of SATbill includes a number of new features including:

  • The ability to automatically email customers based on PO expiry, Airtime agreement end, invoice payment overdue, etc.
  • The facility to broadcast general emails (with HTML content) based…
SBS announces the release of its SATbill HUM module 31.03.2017

SATbill’s new High-Usage Monitoring (HUM) module allows any type of terminal or SIM to have its usage tracked and monitored, and to set alerts when a terminal or SIM reaches certain usage levels. When that happens, emails can be…

Satellite Focus: Globalstar 07.11.2016

Established in 1991, Globalstar, is a leading provider of mobile satellite voice and data services, leveraging the world’s newest mobile satellite communications network using their low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. Now, with its second-generation constellation – consisting of 24…

How SATbill adds value to your organisation? 15.04.2016

When it comes to satellite airtime billing the most important elements of integrated airtime billing are speed, accuracy, cost and effective support. In many cases organisations use a multitude of spreadsheets to generate their end-user bills based on…

The best way to integrate your satellite billing 18.02.2016

When thinking about ways to streamline any satellite-based business and its processes, integrating satellite-billing services comes top of the list. In the complex and fast-moving world of satellite communications, a satellite billing solution that can cope with a wide…

Inmarsat Global Xpress 18.02.2016

The new Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) network is now commercially available. It is the first truly high-speed satellite-based broadband network to span the globe. This extremely fast Ka-band constellation offers all business sectors the opportunity to utilise a portable…

Intelsat General chooses SATbill 11.02.2016

Most Intelsat General customers pay for satellite usage under contracts that provide a specific amount of transponder capacity over a certain period of time. But customers using mobile satellite services through devices like satellite telephones often are billed based…

Configuring SATbill for flexibility and profits 29.05.2015

SATbill was designed from the outset to be highly configurable so that each individual service provider would be able to have a billing system that would perform to their individual requirements. Moreover, SATbill allows you to modify…

SATbill Customer Portal 28.05.2014

We are delighted to announce the introduction of a SATbill Customer Portal: A new browser driven system that provides your customers with secure access to all their billing documents, billed CDRs, and equipment and installations details.

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