New SATbill Developments 26.09.2018

The latest version of SATbill has a number of new enhancements, features and integration capabilities including:

  1. Optimisation and database changes to improve billing run performance and CDR loading: Performance enhancements to the SATbill billing and mediation engine enables you to complete your billing in…
SATbill update 19.02.2018

The latest version of SATbill includes a number of new features including:

  • The ability to automatically email customers based on PO expiry, Airtime agreement end, invoice payment overdue, etc.
  • The facility to broadcast general emails (with HTML content) based on a selection of customers…
SBS announces the release of its SATbill HUM module 31.03.2017

SATbill’s new High-Usage Monitoring (HUM) module allows any type of terminal or SIM to have its usage tracked and monitored, and to set alerts when a terminal or SIM reaches certain usage levels. When that happens, emails can be sent to your internal account…