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SATbill handles a wide spectrum of satellite services from most of the world’s satellite communications providers using a multitude of CDR formats. It allows you to combine all the services in a single invoice for each customer. New capabilities are added to SATbill as new call types are introduced.

SATbill handles time, data (GB, MB, KB) and event-based calls, including packet and 256-bit Inmarsat C data.

It supports D91-style, TAP II, tab delimited, CSV-based and customer-specific CDR formats from more than 30 different providers.

The services covered for satellite airtime billing include BGAN, Aero, FBB, SBB, SPS, GSPS, IsatPhone, IsatHub, B, C (inc. LRIT & VMS tracking), Fleet, M, mini-M, M4, Coastal Radio, Globalstar, VSAT (inc. Pharostar), Skyfile, Thuraya and Iridium (“Classic”, OpenPort, Short Burst Data and GO!).

Key Features

SATbill is a comprehensive airtime billing system that comes with a rich set of features that enables our customers to streamline their billing processes. We are continually improving it with enhancements, integrations, new features and modules that enable our customers to maximise their profits in a competitive market.

  • Automatic loading and mediation of CDR files from incoming emails, ftp and/or file system locations.
  • Contract (post-pay) and Advance Pay tariffs supported.
  • Invoices may be generated at any level: Terminal/SIM, air-time agreement, installation and customer.
  • Multiple billing entities are supported, including the use of different logos, tax codes and bank details.
  • Full support for installations including tracking of which terminal is on which installation.
  • Handles all monthly or annual subscription and service charges, including part-period charges.
  • Handles complex value and volume-based bundles and allowances for all services, including SCAP.
  • Provides alternate pricing options for ‘Roaming’ calls.
  • Automatic email broadcast of billing documents to your customers.
  • Billing Groups allow invoices to be generated for one or more services.
  • COS reporting shows the margins you are making from each service, installation, branch office, provider etc.
  • Full multi-currency support.

The optional SATBill modules include:

  • Hot Billing: Provides daily billing and usage alerting
  • Split Billing: Enables the separation of a vessel’s calls into the chargeable groups (master, owner, charterers, crew, etc)
  • Customer Portal: Provides access to billing documents and CDRs to your customers through a secure online ‘Portal’
  • Accounting Connectors: Provides an interface with many standard accounting systems, including Sage, Navision and SAP
  • High-Usage Monitoring: Enables any unit to be tracked and monitored and to set alerts when it reaches certain usage levels
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