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A SATbill project typically involves a degree of change management to obtain maximum value from the system. This means that you will have to change your business processes in accordance with SATbill’s billing process. However, you may have some business processes that give you a competitive advantage that you need to retain.  In this situation, we will customise SATbill with the features and functions that you require. Your requirements may also change over time, which may result in further customistions to SATbill. You may need some customisations implemented urgently while others may just be a ‘nice to have feature’ that can be developed in time. Some of these customisations may, or not, be useful to other customers and some will be essential for all customers. How we charge for customisations and the priority we give them is covered in our customisations policy.

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Customisations Policy

We have requests for SATbill changes all the time, which we prioritise according to customer needs and the type of customisation required. The priority and charging levels are defined as follows:

High Priority

The highest priority is given to a customer request that has a requirement specific to them that they need as a matter of urgency. This is normally a customisation that we charge for in full and deliver expediently.

Medium Priority

The medium priority level is assigned to a change that is required due to an existing provider introducing a new service which cannot be configured in SATbill. Other examples of this are where an existing provider changes their CDR format. We don’t charge for these customisations but we deliver them fairly promptly.

The medium priority level is also assigned to a request for new functionality in SATbill  that may be useful to other customers at some point in the future. In this case we tend to share the cost of development with the customer.

Low Priority

The lowest priority is usually given to a change that is not specific to a particular customer and is not urgent. This is normally a customisation that we don’t charge for but it takes longer to deliver than the other customisation levels.

We also offer implementation of your SATbill, support and maintenance and other services including bespoke software development and value driven solutions.

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