How SATbill adds value to your organisation?


When it comes to satellite airtime billing the most important elements of integrated airtime billing are speed, accuracy, cost and effective support. In many cases organisations use a multitude of spreadsheets to generate their end-user bills based on CDRs received from the major satellite communications companies. Whilst this may be effective if you have a single supplier and your call volumes are low, the process rapidly becomes complex, time consuming and error prone as your business grows. SATbill offers a world-class airtime billing solution to handle the complexities of the airtime billing process with consummate ease, whilst also saving you time, money and stress.

Let’s look at how SATbill adds value to your organisation.


Timeliness is the most important factor when it comes to airtime billing, simply because the top-tier airtime providers generally require a speedy payment from their partners and resellers. With SATbill, your billing cycle time can be significantly reduced, with consequent improvements to your cash flow.

This is even more important for organisations that use a variety of different providers, since the billing process is automated and all call types and charges can be integrated into one monthly bill.


Billing accuracy is vital as any mistakes will be disputed by your end-customers resulting in delayed payments. Having a system that can accurately calculate the price of each call type and generate the required margin is essential for both competitiveness and profitability. SATbill’s proven call rating and service charge calculation modules are robust, highly flexible and easy to use. The use of SATbill also improves your efficiency, freeing resources up to be used elsewhere.


SATbill is designed to handle all services, offerings and value-added services from all existing and planned commercial satellite constellations and any of the top-tier providers. From Inmarsat E&E to Global Xpress, from VSAT to Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya, SATbill covers them all in one integrated solution. This enables an easy ‘mix-and-match’ approach to services and providers, meaning you are no longer bound to a specific airtime provider, and can seek the optimal and most competitive solutions for your customers, and for you. SATbill has earned a strong reputation in the industry for being a ‘one stop shop’ for satellite airtime billing. It’s continually being extended and expanded as next-generation satellite services become available.

From your end-customers’ perspective, SATbill integrates their airtime billing, so no matter which satellite services they purchase from you they can receive one bill each month for all the services you supply. Of course SATbill can also generate an invoice for a specific vessel or aircraft, or can generate individual invoices for each item, if that’s what your customer requires.


We’ve seen how SATbill streamlines the billing process, delivering billing documents faster and with greater accuracy and with fewer resources. However, as in life, things may not always go as planned, so SATbill comes with a highly responsive support service, based on more than ten years’ experience of handling all the unusual things that can happen in satellite airtime billing. SATbill’s experienced team provides you with the peace of mind that any issues will be rectified in a quick and efficient manner.