How To Develop My Inmarsat Satellite Communications Company


How To Develop My Inmarsat Satellite Communications Company

If you’re an Inmarsat Service Provider, you may be pretty satisfied. After all, Inmarsat does have good coverage overall. But how can you grow your business?

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Accurate Billing Is Key

One of your top priorities should be to remove inconsistencies and errors from your billing. Both overcharging and undercharging can cause you problems. Charge too much, and your customers will see you as poor value and look elsewhere. Charge too little, and you’re missing out on the potential income you should be receiving. Getting a reputation for inaccurate or inconsistent billing will also hit you in the pocket. Make sure you have a satellite business plan that ensures you’re operating in a way that maximises your profits and minimises your errors. That’s where SATbill can help.

Consider Other Satellite Providers

Although Inmarsat is an excellent general option due to its extensive coverage, SATbill’s billing system also supports other satellite communication providers, including:

Take a look at the geographic profile of your company’s customers. Inmarsat has a particularly strong signal in tropical areas, so if you’re mainly targeting Europe or North America, another satellite provider, such as GlobalStar, may help you offer a more responsive service. SATbill’s integrated and comprehensive support means it’s easy to bill for all the major satellite providers without having to create separate invoices.

Expand Your Services

Adding other satellite providers to your communication services offering will give you a broader market. It will also make your business more attractive to customers in areas of the world where Inmarsat is not the operator of choice. Decide on your goals and desired market segment, and focus on those. It’s important not to let yourself get into a muddle with different billing systems for each provider. Using SATbill can help you avoid this by allowing you to bill all your customers accurately, regardless of their differing needs.

What Satbill Offers

As an Inmarsat developer partner, we have the experience and expertise to provide your business with a fully installed, fully supported, and customisable billing system. Support for all Inmarsat CDR file formats comes as standard, and you can find your billing admin time reduced substantially. This means less waste and more ability to optimise your pricing strategy. The streamlined service includes cost of sales reporting and integrated margin controls, and your existing data is imported into the SATbill system at installation time.

Discover Satbill

Growing your Inmarsat business by expanding to other providers is a big step, and one that can be tricky to get right without suitable software and support. SATbill offers you a world-class, comprehensive airtime billing solution that’s customised to your individual needs. It supports D91-style, TAP II, tab delimited, CSV-based and customer-specific CDR formats from over 30 different providers across the world. To find out more click here.

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