How To Reduce Billing Errors In Satellite Call & Internet Billing


How To Reduce Billing Errors In Satellite Call & Internet Billing

Call data records (CDRs) issued by satellite providers can be long, complicated and onerous to analyse. With a complex web of variables unique to each customer – different call plans, airtime agreements, subscription bundles and discounts – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to satellite airtime billing – and that’s even before you take account of subtle variations, such as the duration and destination of calls, that makes each bill different from the next.

If your customer base is expanding, great! But manually interpreting each CDR (which vary in format between different satellite providers) then becomes an even more challenging operation, which only increases the risk of billing errors.


The Problem Of Billing Errors

Errors in billing cause delays in the revenue stream, negatively affect the quality of business relationships.

Revenue: Failing to interpret the call data record from the satellite provider, or to transfer the information to a customer’s bill accurately, could result in an undercharge or an overcharge – and pose a logistical and financial headache for your business. An undercharge will quickly undercut your profits, as you’ll receive less revenue from the customer, but the satellite provider will expect to be paid correctly and on-time; your billing error is simply not their problem. An overcharge will irritate your customer and erode their trust in you, and an adjustment, in the form of a refund, will have to be made later, complicating future bills and creating more work for your staff.

Relationships: Customers expect bills to be issued accurately and on time, so incorrect charges will send the wrong message about the professionalism and reliability of your business. Customers’ trust is often based on their expectation to be treated fairly; an inaccurate bill, particularly if it overcharges a customer, diminishes the integrity of your business and erodes the customer’s faith. When trust is damaged, so is loyalty.

Regulator: Under C3 of its General Conditions, Ofcom in the UK is responsible for regulating the accuracy of bills issued by businesses that provide electronic communications, who have a responsibility to comply with industry standards. Persistently issuing bills that contain errors could invite Ofcom’s intervention, potentially leading to financial sanctions that could damage the integrity of your brand as well as affecting profit margins. Other countries have similar regulations, meaning mistakes are not just an issue between you and your customer.

How SATbill Can Eliminate Billing Errors

SATbill, a world-class integrated airtime billing solution, can eliminate many of the errors that commonly occur during the billing process, ensuring that charges are levied accurately and fairly, taking account of each customer’s individual agreements and needs. With the entire process streamlined effectively, bills are generated swiftly, eliminating the problem of delays in calculating customer charges. Furthermore, SATbill can accommodate the different formats of the satellite providers’ call data records, eradicating mistakes, maximising your margins and improving cash flow to your business.

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