New SATbill Developments


The latest version of SATbill has a number of new enhancements, features and integration capabilities including:

  1. Optimisation and database changes to improve billing run performance and CDR loading: Performance enhancements to the SATbill billing and mediation engine enables you to complete your billing in half the time.
  2. SOAP API interface and Web iFrame pricing module to allow creation of agreements (contracts) and call plans within SATbill directly from SAP CRM: A CRM user can create the contract and contract lines and set the rates and charges to be applied. APIs also exist to modify the contract and contract line details and maintain the call plans when contracts are renewed or copied. Further APIs are available to request billed CDRs, billing documents and call plan details for use on the SATbill user’s own extranet.
  3. SOAP API finance interface to SAP ECC to create invoices outside of SATbill: SATbill sends airtime usage invoice lines to SAP to be combined with other charges on a single invoice. On creation of the invoice, the SAP invoice number is returned to SATbill and associated with the airtime charge records. This allows a SATbill user to search and find the billing details based on the SAP invoice number.
  4. Finance connector for the Norwegian EHF invoice format
  5. An unlimited bundle for free allowance handling
  6. Gross Pricing: Allows for call plans to be created with rates and charges inclusive of local tax. The invoices show the total tax amount included and the traffic advices show the price per call inclusive of tax. A customer can be individually configured for ‘gross pricing’.
  7. UTC offset: All CDRs are received in UTC but a UTC offset can be defined per customer such that their traffic advice will show the individual call times in their local time zone.
  8. Audit log to record manual changes made to CDRs: This will be extended in future releases to log other user-driven changes.