Interactive Live Demo: See How SATbill’s Satellite Billing Solution Could Work For You

SATbill software screenshot on computer screen

We will give you an overview of SATbill so you can understand how it would improve both your business’ performance and your accuracy and speed of billing. Together we will explore various aspects of the system and match that to your billing processes.

What is Included:

  • Loading and Mediating CDR files and real-time usage
  • Running Draft and Final billing and verifying the invoiced values
  • Ensuring you make the correct margin on all types of calls and data sessions
  • Running Cost Of Sales and other reports so you can optimise your business’ performance
  • Linking SATbill to your finance or ERP system
  • Exploring the core modules:
    • Customers
    • Equipment (terminals and SIMs)
    • Installations (vessels, aircraft etc)
    • Call Plans / Tariff Plans (terminal- or SIM-based one-off or repeating charges)
    • Charge Plans (Contract- or vessel-level one-off or repeating charges)
    • Air-time Agreements (Contracts)
    • Air-time Services (the range of services you use – VSAT, FBB, GX, Iridium, Thuraya, etc.)
    • System Preferences (how SATbill can be optimally configured for your company)
    • Emailing billing documents and invoiced CDR files directly to your customers
  • The SATbill ‘Customer Portal’ which can give your end-customers direct access to their billing documents and CDRs.

You will also have ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss any specific requirements that you may have. Fill in the form to request your demo.

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