Customer Portal

Our SATbill Customer Portal is a secure browser-based solution that enables your customers to view their invoices, balance summaries, traffic advices, billed CDR files and much more.

Within SATbill, you have “one-click” control over the release of monthly billing documents and billed CDRs to the portal. Documents and CDRs are then immediately available on the portal for your customers to view. The portal can be configured with your own logo, colour scheme and language. You can also add your own links and post news or special offers to your customers.

The main features of the portal include:

  • Search for and download all types of billing documents (Invoices, Balance Summaries, Traffic Advices, Excel and CDR files). View example
  • Ability to view invoices and the paid/due/overdue status of each. View example
  • Facility to pay invoices using the eWAY payment gateway. View example
  • Facility to activate, suspend, unsuspend and deactivate an IMEI. View example
  • Ability to view IMEIs and their current status. View example
  • Ability to view usage alerts and the usage for all items. View example
  • Search for and view installations and see the equipment linked to those installations. View example 1 View example 2
  • Search and view all equipment details, including IMN(s) and telephone numbers. View example 1 View example 2
  • Comprehensive CDR searching to find, view and download billed CDRs in Excel format. View example
  • Ability for each end-user to change their password. View example
  • Ability for each end-user to set their preferred language. View example
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