Satellite Billing Software FAQs

Here, you can find answers to typical questions about our SATbill billing system, it’s comprehensive features, functions modules and integration capabilities.

How do we get data from our old billing system into SATbill?

We have routines to load customers, equipment (including ISNs/IMNs), installations (vessels/aircraft etc.) and existing contracts into SATbill. We can also assist in loading your existing tariffs and call plans.

Can we group several MSDN in one combined invoice?

Yes. You may generate an invoice for a single item (terminal/SIM), or all the items on a contract, all those on an installation or all items for a customer onto a single invoice.

Can we export the output of the system to our accounting system?

We have invoice exports already available in Sage Line 50/100, Sage X3, CSV, Axapta, Visma, XML, MS Dynamics SL and SQL formats. If your accounting system can accept an external sales invoice file, then we will be able to format the data and create a correct import file.

Is your billing system hosted online or does it come as a full software package (hosted by us)?

SATbill is a client-server solution that can be deployed on-premise or on a cloud platform (i.e. Azure, AWS etc).

Can the system handle credit limits (credit warnings)?

Yes, based on monthly billing only.

Can the system combine CDRs from several providers, (e.g. Thuraya, VSAT, Inmarsat) and make one end user bill?

Yes. All CDR-based traffic and non-call service charges for a SIM, vessel, contract or customer are brought together in the billing and may be presented on a single invoice. This is configurable for each contract. All services from all providers may be combined on a single invoice, if you wish.

How will your company respond to software update requirements? e.g. Inmarsat introduce a new package beyond Fleet Broadband. Will the onus be on your company to accommodate this change, or will it be something for my company to have to pay for. And what sort of costs?

SATbill is designed to enable its users to configure and modify the services which can be billed. For example, when GSPS was added to the I4 services, we did not need to modify the SATbill software. Instead our customers were able to add and configure the new services themselves through the various modules of SATbill (with e-mail/telephone help from us, as required). Only if the CDR layout itself changes do we need to make changes to SATbill, but it depends what the changes are. If we have to change SATbill to accommodate changes in existing CDR formats then that is done at our cost.

Is there a reconciliation of the original data, back to the total of the invoices produced?
This audit trail is essential from the accounting point of view. The aim is to show the raw data is uploaded and reconciled to the invoices that are sent out and this upload of the invoices to the Accounting software matches back to the raw data.

Yes, we have a reconciliation report which reconciles incoming CDR charges and invoices to the out-going invoices and charges. We also have cost of sales reports which contain additional data, including margin analysis of your various charge classes.

Each month we receive a D91 file from around 10 Telecoms Distributors. These files are then run through our existing software in order to produce invoices. What format of CDRs does your system handle?

SATbill is able to load D91-style CDR files, and also those in csv format, from a variety of providers. We can also provide additional loaders for your own format CDRs, such as VSAT, once we have seen your CDR specification. Changes to (e.g.) Inmarsat’ and Astrium’’s D91 layouts we accommodate at our cost and ensure that SATbill is upgraded before you receive the first of the changed CDRs. It is easy to add additional CDR loading capability for new formats.

Can you convert from USD to our local currency at the time of invoicing?

SATbill has full multi-currency support. You may define your own local currency in SATbill, which means that you can invoice in your currency as required.

Is the billing software completely managed by ourselves?

SATbill can be installed on-premise or on a cloud platform such as Azure or AWS.  We implement and configure SATbill for you and provide you with in-depth training on the system. We also provide you with on-going support. You manage the day-to-day operation of SATbill when you go-live with the system.

We have some unique price plans and would like to know if you offer customisation?

Most customers require some level of customisation and we offer this service on a time and materials basis.

What kind of initial training do you provide?

We provide comprehensive training to all users and administrators of the system during the implementation.

Does SATbill handle Prepaid services?

At present, SATbill treats pre-paid SIM cards simply as a product sale. It records the sale and expiry date, so it can remind the customer when the card is about to expire. Although it receives pre-paid CDRs (if the provider sends them) it does not attempt to count down the balance remaining on the SIM, because the CDRs are received monthly. The (Iridium) pre-paid CDRs have a zero cost, so they are not presented to the customer on an invoice. All the management and top-up of the pre-paid SIM is done through the provider’s system, not in SATbill.

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