SATbill Modules

SATbill can be extended as your business grows and your requirements change. You can add extra users, terminals/SIMs, business entities and optional modules. The modules currently available include:

Customer Portal

Our SATbill Customer Portal is a secure browser-based solution that enables your customers to view their invoices, balance summaries, traffic advices, billed CDR files and much more. Continue reading…

Hot Billing

Using daily “hot” CDRs and direct links to your providers’ billing systems, SATbill is able to track and monitor your customers’ usage and generate automatic alerts if set limits are exceeded. Usage alert triggers may be set at various levels for your different services and customers. The overnight ‘hot billing’ enables your end-customers to receive their calls and call charges each day, keeping them up to date with their items’ air-time usage and costs.

Split Billing

The enables the separation of a vessel’s or aircraft’s call charges into different chargeable groups, for example master, owner, passengers, charterer and crew. You can define these groups and have the billing documents show the detailed breakdown of charges for each group. Optionally, the service charges, such as subscriptions, may also be apportioned across these groups, depending on their call usage. This can be invaluable for your customers in managing their fleet.

High-Usage Monitoring

Enables any unit to be tracked and monitored and to set alerts when it reaches certain usage levels. Continue reading…

Accounting connectors

SATbill is able to interface to 12 different accounting systems including SAP, Navision, Dynamics and Sage. These interfaces range from a simple one-way update of sales invoices into your finance system, to a two-way real-time link to your ERP system, passing customer, vessel and equipment data as well as sales invoices and costing information.

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