SATbill update


The latest version of SATbill includes a number of new features including:

  • The ability to automatically email customers based on PO expiry, Airtime agreement end, invoice payment overdue, etc.
  • The facility to broadcast general emails (with HTML content) based on a selection of customers or equipment types.
  • The facility to do a billing run for a defined period across calendar months with bundle-handling covering the same period. It also allows billing runs to be separated by provider(s).
  • An invoice reconciliation report, allowing billed and unbilled charges and traffic to be reported by provider.
  • The facility to mark an invoice as paid, and either enter or generate a receipt number.

A new Iridium Provisioning Module enables users to:

  • Load IMEIs in bulk and activate them via the IWS
  • Set individual permissions for customers to activate, suspend, unsuspend, deactivate and view their IMEIs.

The latest version of the Customer Portal now enables your customers to:

  • View their invoices and the paid/due/overdue status of each.
  • Pay their invoices, using the eWAY payment gateway.
  • Enter an IMEI and activate it.
  • Suspend, unsuspend and deactivate an IMEI.
  • View all their IMEIs and their current status.
  • Set and view their own usage alerts and view the usage for all items.

The latest version of the High Usage Monitoring Module now enables:

  • Alert levels to be set by an individual item and by a group of items
  • An Alert to be generated with defined placeholders.
  • A SIM or IMEI to be suspended if a critical usage level is reached.