The best way to integrate your satellite billing


When thinking about ways to streamline any satellite-based business and its processes, integrating satellite-billing services comes top of the list. In the complex and fast-moving world of satellite communications, a satellite billing solution that can cope with a wide range of air-time arrangements is absolutely vital. SATbill is the billing solution which seamlessly integrates all your satellite based services and solutions, allowing you to reap the benefits of fully integrated billing.

The benefits of SATbill’s integrated billing

• Any combination of services and units can be billed together on a single invoice, if that’s what your customer requires.
• Improved cash-flow through reduced billing cycle duration
• Reduced resources required to run your billing processes
• Improved billing accuracy leading to fewer queries and questions from your end-customers
• Integration with your finance, customer support and provisioning systems
• Maximised profitability through improved margin controls and cost of sales reporting
• A ‘customer portal’ to give your end-customers web-based access to their billing documents and CDRs.

All this, and more

SATbill also contains full support for ‘Installations’, be they vessels, planes, trains or any collection of units that help you and your customer manage their services and costs effectively. It’s also fully multi-currency for true international operation, with different sales tax/VAT schedules available for each of your operating units or countries. Finally, there’s also a fully integrated rentals management solution available within SATbill, allowing you to track and manage all your rental items, and easily track their air-time consumption, and generate the necessary invoices for the rental and for the air-time.

SATbill: the ‘one-stop’ solution for all your billing needs

SATbill is a proven, dynamic and growing solution for all your air-time billing and equipment rental needs. It’s effective, easy to use and able to cope with all the current and planned services from all the major global satellite air-time providers and their services, including all Inmarsat I-3, I-4 and I5 services, Thuraya, Iridium, Globalstar and VSAT services.