Why You Should Move Away From Your Custom-Built Satellite Airtime Billing Software And Use SATbill


At some point in the past, you may have been convinced that a custom-made satellite billing solution was what your business needed to manage your customers’ airtime invoices. It may be that the software suited your business’s needs at that time but, as your organisation has expanded and added more services and features to its portfolio, your billing package has outlived its usefulness and now actively inhibits your brand’s growth, rather than supporting it.

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If so, your business is certainly not alone. Many satellite telecoms providers are discovering that their custom-built billing software had an unknown use by date, with some persistent airtime billing problems including:

  • Frequent errors
  • Incorrect bills
  • Lost revenue
  • Inefficient operations
  • Poor efficiency and productivity

The consequence of these issues is twofold: a decrease in customer satisfaction leads to a fall in profits, preventing your business from expanding and, ultimately, threatening its existence.

How SATbill Can Overhaul Your Business’s Airtime Billing

Many telecoms providers are switching to SATbill, the satellite airtime billing solution that is used globally to bill their calls and value-added services. SATbill enables you to bill both usage and consumption of services, and offers some distinct advantages over custom-built billing software:

Single, Convenient Invoicing

With SATbill, the days of multiple invoices from different providers or for different services are no more. SATbill supports CDRs from all providers, for different services, call plans, subscriptions, and charges, producing a single, convenient bill. Exceptionally precise billing algorithms calculate the cost of every call or value-added service used by each customer, with all information clearly laid out in a single bill.

Automated Billing Cycle

Improved operational efficiency is guaranteed with billing automation. CDRs are uploaded into the billing system, scanned for CDR mediation errors and priced accordingly, and invoices can be generated in different formats, including PDF, Word, or Excel.

Automatic Credit Limits And Warnings

For monthly billing, SATbill can automatically accommodate credit limits and credit warnings, ensuring customers operate within the unique parameters of their accounts. Even if every customer has a different credit limit or account restrictions, SATbill can effortlessly manage these.

Flexible Access From Anywhere, At Any Time

SATbill can be deployed in the Cloud if required, providing you with the flexibility to access the billing system whenever you need, from anywhere in the world. All you need is a WiFi connection and a portable device, laptop, or desktop to access all the features and tools that SATbill offers.

Stay Ahead Of The Game With Automatic Updates

As satellite operators routinely update their services, SATbill enables you to automatically respond, keeping your system up-to-date.

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Unlike custom-built in-house satellite billing software, which can rapidly become out of date, SATbill can help you to secure optimal margins with the production of accurate and timely billing documents while increasing both customer satisfaction and profits. Get in touch today to request a free demonstration of SATbill.

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