Configuring SATbill for flexibility and profits


SATbill was designed from the outset to be highly configurable so that each individual service provider would be able to have a billing system that would perform to their individual requirements. Moreover, SATbill allows you to modify existing services and add new ones, as and when required, and without our intervention. However, one of the most interesting aspects for you is the ability to configure SATbill to drive up your revenues and profits.

Win-win scenario

There are several ways that you can drive up revenues. One possible way is to monitor your customers’ usage in SATbill and, where appropriate, propose better equipment with a cheaper tariff. Your customers will feel that they’re on the best service and tariff for their needs, and they’ll appreciate the advice you give to them, which will ensure a high level of customer retention. Moreover, satellite owners typically offer better margins on newer, more efficient equipment. That makes a win-win scenario for both you and your customers.

Driving up margins and competitiveness

Configuration of margin controls within SATbill can help drive up competitiveness and maximise profitability. Obtaining the optimal margins whilst remaining competitive involves setting rates based on the volume or duration of calls or by using a percentage uplift or amount. Margin Analysis capabilities within SATbill allow you to quickly view the range of margins that will be generated prior to doing the billing run. Any errors or improvements can then be rectified in an instance.

Continuous improvement

One thing’s for sure, we won’t be standing still, and will work hard now and into the future to offer you the most reliable, flexible and profitable billing solution available. Research and development is very important to us, so if there’s something you’d like to see us offering, either now or in the future, then be sure to let us know.