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Globalstar specialise in satellite-based connectivity for IoT devices and mobile applications, including asset management, personal communications, tracking services, and embedded connectivity. Globalstar’s services are widely used by the maritime/shipping sectors, in forestry, oil and gas, construction, and by disaster response operators. Globalstar provides a range of flexible connectivity options for businesses of all sizes, from small fishing fleets to international mining companies.

Globalstar Features and Benefits

  • satellite icon Satellite constellation: 48 LEO satellites
  • loading icon Latency: Very low
  • clock icon Network connection speed/registration time: <10 seconds
  • rain cloud icon Impact of weather on call quality: None
  • mobile phone icon Accessibility: Full mobile access on foot, vehicle, aircraft and ship
  • plus icon Services: Incoming text, voice, data, GPS
  • double arrow icon Maximum data speed: 9.6 kb/s

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What Regions Does Globalstar Cover?

Globalstar offers a range of extensive global mobile network coverage options, excluding only the Polar Regions and some mid-ocean areas. Some Globalstar services have more limited coverage, but all services cover North America, Western Europe, and Asia/Australasia.

New From Globalstar

Globalstar’s latest range of satellite communication products include the advanced Sat-Fi2 remote antenna station. Sat-Fi2 is a compact, low-cost product that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere on the globe, with connectivity for up to 8 mobile devices. It’s an excellent choice for small mobile teams and lone workers.

Globalstar Billing Made Easy With SATbill

For a world-class, comprehensive airtime billing solution, which is compatible with Globalstar and all other operators, look no further than SATbill. SATbill is a flexible and customisable billing platform that lets you quickly issue billing documents to your customers for multiple call and service types, saving you time, money, and resources – and delivering greater control over your profit margins.

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